July 18th General Meeting: Save the Date


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DATE CHANGE: This a change from date previously announced.

Please join us for updates on federal, state and local legislation and related work for universal healthcare, and a brainstorming discussion of policy directions for Health Care is a Human Right WA for 2019-20 and beyond.

> Please RSVP to hchrwashington@gmail.com so that we are ready for everyone!

A Zoom link will be available closer to join the meeting remotely. To join our email list, please

Join Us for a 2019 Session Debrief & Celebration!


We’re excited to meet with Healthcare Champions Representative Nicole Macri, Senators Emily Randall and David Frockt to get their views on the healthcare wins we achieved together this legislative session in  Olympia, and their thoughts on where we can go from here to win universal health care for Washingtonians. Please join us Tuesday, June 4th.

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Reminder: April 6 Medicare for All Speak Out with Congresswoman Jayapal


Dear Health Advocates: 

Here’s a reminder of Congresswoman Jayapal’s Speak Out on Medicare for All this coming Saturday, 10:30 – noon. 
  • RSVP at http://bit.ly/M4ASpeakOutThis will help with event planning. 
  • Sign-ups to speak will start as soon as the doors open at 10:00. Be sure to sign in early if you wish to speak. 
  • Speakers will be limited to a minute and a half, but even so, there may not be enough time for everyone to speak. 
  • A professional videographer will be there to capture stories that will be incorporated in the Medicare for All campaign so even if you don’t get to speak at the event, you’ll have the opportunity to share your story!




Action Alert: Urge Representative Cody to Support the Pathway Bill, SB 5822

Dear Health Advocates:  Here’s an action alert our member organization Health Care for All WA sent today. Please send a message to Rep. Cody and the members of the House Health Care & Wellness Committee she chairs urging support for SB 5822. Thank you, HCFA-WA!

Good news! The Senate version of the Pathway to Universal Health Care bill, SB 5822, is progressing through the Senate and if all goes well, it will go to the House. The first stop would be the Health Care & Wellness Committee, and we need your help getting a jump on building support for the bill in the House.

The most important thing we can do right now for universal health care is to encourage Representative Eileen Cody to support the Senate version of the Pathway to Universal Health Care bill.

Rep. Cody did not hold a hearing on the House version of the bill, so she will need some Kind, but Firm pressure from us.

Please email Rep. Cody, Chair of the House Healthcare & Wellness Committee, with the following:

•   Urge Rep. Eileen Cody to support SB 5822, The Pathway to Universal Healthcare bill when it comes over to the House.

•   Share why universal health care is important to you. Keep it persuasive and polite. Thank her for being a health care advocate. Provide your name, address, and legislative district.

•   Copy the following Healthcare & Wellness Committee members and paste into the cc: line:
marcus.riccelli@leg.wa.govjune.robinson@leg.wa.govmonica.stonier@leg.wa.govmy-lihn.thai@leg.wa.govsteve.tharinger@leg.wa.govjoe.schmick@leg.wa.gov, michelle.caldier@leg.wa.govkelly.chambers@leg.wa.govrichard.debolt@leg.wa.govpaul.harris@leg.wa.govjacquelin.maycumber@leg.wa.gov

For more tips and ideas for writing your legislators, go here.

Thank you for all you do for Universal Health Care!

ACTION ALERTS: Wed. Feb 27 is a Big Day — Hearing on the Pathway bill & the Jayapal will introduce Medicare for All bill


Dear Health Advocates:

Things are moving! On Wednesday, Feb 27 at 8:30 am Pacific Time, Congresswoman Jayapal is holding a press event to introduce the long-awaited Improved and Expanded Medicare for All bill she has updated with the help of colleagues and many allies. Watch it live here.

So far, Congressman Adam Smith is the only other member of the WA Congressional Delegation to join the 100 cosponsors of the new bill. Let’s keep talking with our other federal Representatives about why they should join this historic effort to achieve universal and affordable coverage for all. We will also want to keep encouraging our US Senators to co-sponsor a Senate companion bill when that is introduced.

In Olympia, The Pathway to Universal Health Care Bill, SSB 5822, will be heard in Senate Ways & Means this Wednesday the 27th at 1:30 PM. This is a key step to advance this important proposal for WA stakeholders to design ways in which our state could achieve truly universal and affordable health care, with the needed support from the federal government we hope will be forthcoming after the 2020 elections.

Your Action Needed Now: Please contact your state Senator and let them know why you personally support Universal Health Care and urge passage of SSB 5822.

Find your Senator and send an email here – or- Comment on the bill here.

If you or your organizational representative will be in Olympia on February 27, please sign-in PRO in support of SSB 5822 before the Ways & Means hearing begins at 1:30 in Hearing Room 4 of the J.A. Cherberg Building.

The Pathway Bill Passed Out of Committee! Next Up: Ways & Means



Correction: We made an error in stating that the Pathway bill is the first universal health care bill ever to make it out of committee. The Washington Health Services Act of 1993 not only got out of committee, it was passed into law as the first state-based plan to cover all residents! Sadly, it was repealed 2 years later after a national Republican wave that shifted power in Congress, WA and other states.

We have a victory to celebrate! SB 5822, The Pathway to Universal Health Care Bill, had a hearing in the Senate Health & Long-Term Care Committee last Monday, Feb, 18th and passed out of committee.  Watch the hearing here.

Thank you to everyone who submitted testimony, attended the hearing, and wrote their legislators. Now the bill is in the Senate Ways and Means Committee.  But there is still more to do.

Your Action Needed: Please contact your Senator and let them know why you personally support Universal Health Care and urge passage of SSB 5822 out of the Senate Ways and Means Committee.

Find your Senator and send an email here – or- Comment on the bill here.

We will be working to keep up the momentum in the Ways and Means Committee and work for improvements including 1) the inclusion of patient and community health advocates in the Work Group, and 2) recommendation for a system that includes publicly funded and publicly administered care which is affordable to all Washington residents.

We can make some progress at the state and local levels now, and in 2021 we may have elected a House, Senate and President supportive of achieving universal health care. This could include helping states achieve the goal if they are ready before the federal government is able to adopt a national health plan. This is the purpose of the State-Based Universal Health Care Act which Congresswoman Jayapal introduced last year and which will be reintroduced soon. We need to be ready.

Updated Feb. 24, 2019


Watch the Medicare for All Ways and Means Testimony


On June 12, 2019 at the Congressional Ways & Means Committee hearing on proposals for universal health care, including the Medicare for All Act of 2019. This was the FIRST EVER hearing on the subject by either of the two committees with primary jurisdiction (the other is Energy & Commerce). Here’s is the link to information about the hearing.

WSIPP’s Single-Payer and Universal Health Systems: Final Report Released


The eagerly anticipated WSIPP Study has been published! The June 2019 report prepared by the Washington State Institute for Public Policy  Single-Payer and Universal Health Systems: Final Report will be an important resource for the 2019-20 Work Group on establishing a universal health care system in Washington State created by the Legislature this year. It compares universal health care systems in other countries.

Comments from WSIPP staff: Our final report examines universal coverage and single-payer systems in other high-income countries, which have achieved universal coverage and substantially lower health care spending than the US.

  • These other countries, both single- and multi-payer, have mechanisms to control the prices of medical services and pharmaceuticals.
  • They have lower insurer administrative costs and, in the case of single-payer countries, lower provider administrative burdens
  • Individuals in these countries have fewer financial barriers to health care and more equitable access to care across income groups than in the US.
  • Finally, the higher US health expenditures do not translate to better health outcomes and quality of care for the entire population.

Watch the June 4th General Meeting: Celebrating Our Health Care Wins

Thanks to everyone who attended our June 4 general meeting with Representative Nicole Macri, and Senators David Frockt and Emily Randall.  
Here are links to NW Health Law Advocates’ excellent summary of health care-related bills &nbspand budget from the 2019 legislative session: Legislative Summary and Budget SummaryWe made many gains this year and can make more in 2020 and 2021 and beyond as we continue to build the health justice movement in alliance with the larger progressive movements.

Save the Date! Medicare for All Speak out with Rep. Jayapal, Sat. April 6th


We encourage everyone to attend and show support for Representative Jayapal’s Medicare for All Act!