Senators Murray & Cantwell NEED to Hear From You


Intense battles are underway in Congress to advance President Biden’s transformative Build Back Better agenda. Industry lobbyists are spending hundreds of millions to block many of its most important proposals, including lowering drug prices and expanding Medicare benefits. At this critical moment, our US Senators need to hear from as many people as possible, so we are sharing the following action alert from our member organization, Washington Community Action Network.

As Congress negotiates President Biden’s Build Back Better (BBB) reconciliation package, it’s vital that our Senators Patty Murray and Maria Cantwell know that healthcare is a top priority for us. Negotiating lower prescription drug prices is paramount, as the savings will fund much of the expansion in the package.

Email Senators Patty Murray and Maria Cantwell!

HCHR is in solidarity with our many allies fighting for all the President’s transformative proposals:


  • Lowering drug prices for Medicare and all private plans
  • Adding hearing, vision and dental benefits to Medicare
  • Closing the Medicaid gap in states that did not expand Medicaid under the Affordable Care Act
  • Extending the 2021 premium subsidies in ACA plans in the health benefit exchanges
  • Improving maternal health for vulnerable populations

Social infrastructure:

  • Expanding home & community-based services for seniors and the disabled
  • Universal paid family and medical leave
  • Affordable child care
  • Free universal pre-K
  • 2 years free community college
  • Expanded child tax credit
  • More affordable housing
  • Fighting climate change
  • Making corporations and the wealthy to pay their share in taxes

Please take this time to send an email to our senators. Right now, so much is at stake in the fight for Health Justice. We need Senators Murray and Cantwell to be out in front, leading the fight to make sure that we pass all of the President’s BBB proposals – ALL of which will be PAID FOR by savings on drug prices and progressive taxation.

We may not have an opportunity like this again for years to come. Every voice matters in this critical moment. Thank you for your support.

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March this Saturday Across the State to Defend Reproductive Rights, Reject Texas’ Dangerous Anti-Choice Law


Put on your hat….the fight continues!

FIND A MARCH IN WA: Bainbridge Island | Bellingham | Bothell | Bremerton | Cheney | Clallam County | Columbia County | Ellensburg| Everett | Kirkland | S. Kitsap | Longview | La Conner | Lynwood | Monroe | Moses Lake | Mount Vernon | Oak Harbor | Olympia | Port Angeles | Port Orchard | Poulsbo | Seattle | Sequim | Spokane | Stevenson | Sunnyside | Tacoma | Vancouver | Walla Walla | Wenatchee | Yakima and probably more!

Women’s March, the national group that organized the 2017 Women’s March and other important actions during the Trump nightmare, has organized nationwide events this Saturday, Oct 2nd to protest Texas’ new vicious law that essentially outlaws abortion and unleashes anti-choice vigilantes to claim $10,000 bounties by suing clinics, doctors, nurses, and even people who drive a woman to get the procedure.

“We need a massive national uprising to send an unmistakable message about our fierce opposition to restricting abortion access before it’s too late.” — Women’s March

The timing is perfect — the Supreme Court is scheduled to reconvene the Monday following the marches.

There are over 25 events in Washington state and hundreds more across the country this Saturday, October 2nd — click below to find an event. Bring a bunch of friends and family. Make funny signs. Dig out those pussy hats, don your masks, and BE VISIBLE for reproductive rights.

Here in Washington, we voted to legalize abortion in 1970 before the Roe v. Wade Supreme Court ruling. Washington remains the only state to do so by a vote of the people.* Let’s march together in solidarity with our sisters across the country!

History of Abortion Reform [in Washington state],

Action Alert: Tell Your U.S. Rep to Stay the Course: Pass Build Back Better First, then Infrastructure


Sept 29, 2021 – This is a rare and exceedingly consequential moment in the Biden Presidency, in Congress, and in our quest for social justice. The House is set to vote on several critical bills by Thursday this week, including the Build Back Better (BBB) reconciliation package and the Bipartisan Infrastructure Bill (BIB). It’s crucial that the BBB reconciliation package is voted first, to prevent it from being killed by fewer than 10 conservative House Democrats if the BIB passes first. So we are urging the Democrats in our Congressional Delegation to firmly support the order of operations that moves the all-important BBB package to passage and then on to the Senate.

Here’s what’s at stake this week in President’s transformational Build Back Better agenda: lowering drug prices, expanding Medicare benefits, increasing access and affordability to health care for millions more, universal paid family and medical leave, affordable child care, 2 years community college, home & community-based services for seniors and the disabled, a child tax credit, fighting climate change,  and getting corporations and the wealthy to pay a fairer share. We may not have an opportunity like this again for many years to come. Please take our suggested action below, or another one your organization may offer, and share the call to action with your own lists.

Every voice matters in this critical moment. Thank you for your support.

ACTION ALERT: Contact Your U.S.Representative
  Call and leave a phone message: 1-202-224-3121.
If your Rep is not open to Democratic legislation, you can instead leave a message for Speaker Pelosi thanking her for her steadfast support at 1-202-225-4965.”Stay the course. Stand with Speaker Pelosi and President Biden. Vote for Build Back Better first, and then for Infrastructure.”

— and/or —

Send an email:
1. Copy and edit the suggested email message:Dear  <Your Representative>, Thank you for your leadership in working to ensure that every single person in our country has access to quality, affordable, and equitable healthcare. I’m sure that you know what’s at stake with the Build Back Better reconciliation package, and why it’s important that the House pass it before the Bipartisan Infrastructure Bill.

I am asking you to follow the lead of Speaker Pelosi, stay the course and stand with President Biden and the vast majority of Congressional Democrats in supporting the passage of the Build Back Better reconciliation package before voting on the Infrastructure bill. So many of our constituents are depending on you to make their health a top priority, and not to put it at risk by delaying action in this most pivotal moment. We know that you will not side with those who wish to delay. We may not get a chance to make these gains for a very long time so it’s crucial that, together, we act boldly and deliver on the Build Back Better agenda.

Thank you for your support for the President’s agenda.

2. And go here to paste it in your Representative’s email form