January 10 Call-in Day of Action


Large crowd of people cheeringOn Tuesday, January 10, people all across America are calling Congress at 866-426-2631 (Spanish: 877-736-7831) to speak up for affordable care.

Congress has taken the first steps to repeal the Affordable Care Act and take healthcare away without a plan to maintain health insurance coverage for tens of millions of Americans.

Rather than keeping what works and fixing what doesn’t in the law, their actions would create chaos throughout the healthcare system and put families, seniors, and children at risk, including:

  • 30 million hardworking women and men who finally have coverage to seek preventative care;
  • Many seniors, children, and people with disabilities who get their healthcare through Medicaid; and
  • 52 million Americans with pre-existing conditions who can’t afford to be at the mercy of insurance companies.

We also know that after repealing the Affordable Care Act, congressional leaders have vowed to cut Medicaid and turn Medicare into a voucher system, hurting Americans who are most in need of health security.

Learn more:

ACA flyer for Republican districts – ENGLISH

ACA flyer for Democratic distrcit- ENGLISH

ACA flyer for Republican districts – SPANISH

ACA flyer for Democratic districts – SPANISH

Join us Tuesday, January 10 in a national call-in day to tell Congress: we need care, not chaos.

Call 866-426-2631 (Spanish: 877-736-7831).  Tell Congress: Show us your plan to lower healthcare costs and make improvements before taking vital healthcare, Medicare, and Medicaid away from millions of Americans, our children, and our aging parents.

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