Action Alert: Urge Representative Cody to Support the Pathway Bill, SB 5822

Dear Health Advocates:  Here’s an action alert our member organization Health Care for All WA sent today. Please send a message to Rep. Cody and the members of the House Health Care & Wellness Committee she chairs urging support for SB 5822. Thank you, HCFA-WA!

Good news! The Senate version of the Pathway to Universal Health Care bill, SB 5822, is progressing through the Senate and if all goes well, it will go to the House. The first stop would be the Health Care & Wellness Committee, and we need your help getting a jump on building support for the bill in the House.

The most important thing we can do right now for universal health care is to encourage Representative Eileen Cody to support the Senate version of the Pathway to Universal Health Care bill.

Rep. Cody did not hold a hearing on the House version of the bill, so she will need some Kind, but Firm pressure from us.

Please email Rep. Cody, Chair of the House Healthcare & Wellness Committee, with the following:

•   Urge Rep. Eileen Cody to support SB 5822, The Pathway to Universal Healthcare bill when it comes over to the House.

•   Share why universal health care is important to you. Keep it persuasive and polite. Thank her for being a health care advocate. Provide your name, address, and legislative district.

•   Copy the following Healthcare & Wellness Committee members and paste into the cc: line:,,

For more tips and ideas for writing your legislators, go here.

Thank you for all you do for Universal Health Care!

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