We Need Health Care Stories to Win Health Care for Everyone in WA State


The Washington State Universal Health Care Work Group needs to know how Washingtonians are struggling to get the health care they need. We need stories from people who: 

  • have lost their health insurance after losing their jobs
  • cannot afford health insurance
  • have health insurance but can’t afford to use it or who have delayed treatment, 
  • are struggling to pay for long-term COVID complication
  • own businesses and need relief in covering their employees

If you — or someone you know who lives in Washington might be willing to share their story, go to https://bit.ly/HCHRShareMyStory and we will follow up with the details and support if needed.

The Work Group meets Tuesday, August 25th. It starts at 1 pm and Public Comments are scheduled to begin at 3:40 pm. We welcome all Washingtonians to give public comments.

Please register for the Zoom meeting by Friday, August 21st at 5 pm at https://bit.ly/WorkGroupRegistration. To provide public comments at the meeting, choose the public comment checkbox on the registration form.

For meeting agenda and materials go to: https://bit.ly/UHCWorkGroupPage

They usually accept written comments for 5-7 business days after the meeting. The link to the recorded meeting and the link to submit written comments will be posted here shortly after the August 25th meeting.

We may have an update about the types of comments needed after we see the Meeting Agenda and materials later this week.

Note: If you see advertisements on our website, please know that HCHR-WA does not pay for, or endorse them.

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