Universal Health Care Work Group: Pushing for Meaningful Recommendations to the Legislature


Once again, the HCHR-WA Universal Health Care Work Group Planning Subcommittee thanks the more than 50 people who signed up to give public comments at the final Work Group meeting December 9th. Every speaker urged the Work Group to recommend Model A which set the tone of the meeting as we pushed to get Work Group members recommendations on record.

Success!  Work Group members were given the opportunity to rank the three models.  21 of the official roster of 37 Work Group members indicated a preference. (Not “voting” were 6 abstentions and state-agency personnel.)  Of the 21 indicating a preference, 16 (76%) recommended Model A, a publicly-funded and administered universal system covering all Washingtonians. Only 3 (14%) chose Model C (Fill the Gaps/Cascade Care). 2 (10%) did not name a choice. We’re continuing to make sure the final report reflects this majority in favor of Model A.

Work Group members have received a candidate for a Final Report to the Legislature with consolidated Work Group member comments from previous drafts. We would like to see the model-ranking summarized in the Executive Summary and address some statements about feasibility and affordability.

For a summary of the final Dec 9 meeting, check out our founding Sponsor member Health Care for All Washington’s post Universal Health Care Work Group Final Meeting: Where There’s a Will, There’s a Model A.

Watch the full meeting

Listen to breakout session 1

Watch breakout session 2

Watch breakout session 3

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