Build Back Better: Email and Call Your Representative & Senators


If you’ve called before, call again!

Democrats have announced a deal to empower Medicare to negotiate lower drug prices as part of the Build Back Better package. It is just a start, but it would be a major setback for Big Pharma that’s difficult to reverse and even harder to justify not expanding in the future. Big Pharma is going to fight until the President’s signature is dry on the bill — so we must keep up the pressure! 

We are sharing today’s action alert of our HCHR member organization WA Community Action Network. We encourage everyone to take one minute to send emails to your Representative and Senators to say you’re counting on them to pass a BBB bill that will lower drug prices, expand Medicare benefits and enact all the proposed healthcare and social infrastructure improvements that Washingtonians so urgently need.

It’s also worthwhile to deliver your message with a phone call. If you’ve called before, call again! Every call is tallied and can make a difference. 

Call the Congressional Switchboard: (202) 224-3121 to deliver this message: 

Keep robust negotiation of lower drug prices and expansion of Medicare benefits in the Build Back Better reconciliation package! A SUPERMAJORITY of the American people support these proposals. 

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