A June of Marches, Activism & Celebration as Elections Approach


We as a nation are now bearing the tragedy and shame of a mass shooting epidemic on top of a series of failures of Congress to represent us:

  • The breakdown of the popular Build Back Better package.
  • The attempt to allow businesses to cash in by privatizing Medicare.
  • The expected strike down of Roe v. Wade any day.
  • The refusal to enact a single common-sense gun law or protect voting rights.

In the lead-up to the 2022 elections, politicians are paying the most attention to their constituents. Now is the time to make our overwhelmingly popular demands visible and loud. Between the joy of summer gatherings and relaxation, let us participate in marches, rallies, and outreach to friends, coworkers, and allies. All of the issues we will march for boil down to one thing: fighting for Congress and SCOTUS to represent the will of the people.

Please march and rally with us:

We don’t know when the Supreme Court will overturn Roe v. Wade, but we can sign up for text alerts for Roe v. Wade Decision Day events and updates from Planned Parenthood. Text “ACCESS” to 22422.

Image: Cover of the children’s book Sometimes People March by Tessa Allen. Find it at the Seattle Public Library and Estelita’s Library and Online Bookstore.

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