📲 3 Quick Calls Keep Wall Street out of Medicare & Halt ACO REACH!

NYT Breaking News: Medicare Advantage Plans to tens of thousands

The fight to fend off ACO REACH and stop Medicare Advantage fraud are two 🔥 HOT issues 🔥 right now. 

For the ACO REACH issue, please take 5 minutes to contact President Biden and Senators Murray and Cantwell to urge them to halt ACO REACH. Here’s a 1-page backgrounder

Your message:

“President Biden/Senator Murray/Senator Cantwell: This is (name) from (location).Please protect our Medicare. Keep Wall Street out of our Medicare and halt ACO REACH!

1. Submit a comment to President Biden on The White House website.

2 & 3. Call the Congressional Hotline: (202) 224-3121. Make two calls to your U.S. Senators Murray and Cantwell.


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