Four days before ballots are due only 17% of Primary Ballots returned


Get out the Vote!

The WA Primary always competes with our summer weather and vacations. This is the time to redouble our efforts to get out the vote for the Primary Election!

Ballot drop boxMake sure WA voters in your organizations and in your life return their ballots back by next Tuesday, August 2nd — 8 pm sharp if using a Ballot Drop Box. If mailing, confirm that mail will be picked up on August 2nd. Let’s beat the 2018 turnout!

What Does the 2022 Election Mean for Advancing Progressive Health Care Policy in WA?

2022 has seen a lot of churn in the state House, putting more races than expected in play. And though Democrats currently control the state Senate with a 28-21 majority, a net shift of four Senate seats would mean that progressive health care policy would have to be put on ice until the political climate changes.

These high-stakes races are high priority for health care advocates and Washingtonians. HCHR does not endorse candidates but encourages your consideration of the candidates’ health care positions in these races.

Bold = incumbent

✓=  voted for the bellwether bill SB 5399 establishing the Universal Health Care Commission.

✚ = completed the 2022 Health Care for All-WA  (HCFA-WA) Candidate Questionnaire. Supports universal health care

Thanks to Health Care for All – WA for providing the Candidate Questionnaire. Don’t see a candidate from your legislative district? After the Primary election, we can reach out to missing candidates advancing to the General and ask them to respond to the questionnaire.

Note: HCHR-WA does not pay for, nor endorse advertisements on our website

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