This Labor Day, We Celebrate Major Union Gains and Washington Workers!


This Labor Day, we’re celebrating major union gains by organized workers who are taking on some of the world’s most formidable companies — a couple of them headquartered right here in Washington State — Amazon and Starbucks. And there have been gains across WA state as well, including historic pay raises for nurses which will help address critical staff shortages.

Gallup reports that 71% percent of Americans now approve of labor unions — the highest Gallup has recorded on this measure since 1965. 

What can you do to support the labor movement?

  • Show up in support at picket lines – it’s a real boost
  • When you shop at a unionized store, let workers know you support them and would not cross a picket line if they ever strike
  • Follow union news on Twitter for immediate ways to support workers
  • If you want to organize a union in your workplace, use this “Contact a Union Organizer” form of the WA State Labor Council

We believe that as unions grow in strength, the possibility of universal health care grows as well. Together let’s make Washington State the most unionized state in the country (it’s already #3) and the first state to achieve universal health care!

In solidarity,
HCHR Washington 

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