October Forum: How Private Equity Makes US Sicker


Join us on October 18 at 4:30PM PACIFIC for a virtual educational forum: How Private Equity Makes Us Sicker. Zoom Registration here. This forum will address the increasing role and implications of Wall Street investors – Private Equity – in the healthcare industry. Private equity has become a troubling menace as it seeks to extract outsized profits by buying up healthcare providers. Speakers will address what private equity is, how it makes money, and what are its results. These corporate owners focus on cutting costs, increasing prices, and stripping assets to maximize short-term profits — at the expense of providers, patients, workers, communities, and taxpayers.

These Wall Street actors also pose an increasing threat to the passage of single-payer healthcare, which has seen a dramatic surge in popularity among patients, healthcare professionals, and the American public more generally. The increased penetration by Wall Street investors into every sector of healthcare has shifted incentives further away from actual care of patients. And, as financial actors increase their control of healthcare services, their political influence against single-payer grows too.

Our speakers will discuss their decades of research that demonstrates how Wall Street and corporate ownership of healthcare has led to worse healthcare outcomes, more inequitable access for patients, and in moral harm to physicians and other healthcare workers.

Closed captions in English will be available.

American Economic Liberties Project https://www.economicliberties.us/
Americans for Financial Reform Education Fund https://ourfinancialsecurity.org/
Center for Economic and Policy Research https://cepr.net/
Cornell University – School of Industrial and Labor Relations (ILR) -Worker Institute https://www.ilr.cornell.edu/worker-institute
Long Term Care Community Coalition https://nursinghome411.org
Private Equity Stakeholder Project https://pestakeholder.org/
TakeMedicineBack https://takemedicineback.org/

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