Nov 8th – Vote with Health Care Champions in Mind


Prior to the Primary, there was concern that WA was going to lose progressive state legislators. However, Washingtonians voted to advance these Health Care Champions to the General Election! These races are a high priority for healthcare advocates and Washingtonians. These races are high-priority for healthcare advocates and Washingtonians.

Be careful out there – there are 🐏 candidates 🐺 downplaying their support of the extreme and dangerous Texas abortion law and support for the January 6th insurgency.

HCHR does not endorse candidates but encourages your consideration of the candidates’ healthcare positions in these races.

Bold = incumbent

✓=  voted for the bellwether bill SB 5399 establishing the Universal Health Care Commission.

✚ = completed the 2022 Health Care for All-WA  (HCFA-WA) Candidate Questionnaire. Supports universal health care

Thanks to Health Care for All – WA for providing the Candidate Questionnaire.

Note: HCHR-WA does not pay for, nor endorse advertisements on our website

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