A Few Highlights of Our Work in 2022


Here are more highlights from 2022 that we didn’t have time to share at the December HCHR General Meeting:

✅  Hosted a Voter Education and Registration Cookout in Auburn with a focus on BIPOC youth. WA CAN registered several new voters, many of them were young people. Lika Smith with Pacific Islander Health Board set up a table to distribute several different necessities to people in need of them: baby formula, diapers, face masks, hand sanitizer, and more!

Helped pass WA bills lowering healthcare costs (prescription drugs, balance billing) and budget provisos creating pathways to coverage for all adult immigrants.

✅ Presented a post-legislature general meeting on What’s Next for Racial Equity and Affordability?

✅ Joined with PSARA to launch state-wide and national campaigns to halt ACO REACH and Medicare privatization, supported so far by 123 WA-state organizations and over 860 community leaders. 

✅  Ten of HCHR’s WSLC-affiliated members submitted a resolution to the WSLC Convention to reaffirm support for health care as a human right and to call on the WSLC to begin a labor dialogue on how best to achieve universal health care in our state.  It passed unanimously.

Brought consumer voices before the Health Care Cost Transparency Board to balance the outsized influence of hospitals and other healthcare industry interests.

✅ Engaged the Universal Health Care Commission to keep them on track, true to their mission to design a public health care system for all Washingtonians with a unified financing system.

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