Our 2020 Policy Priorities

Adopted by our sponsoring organizations December 12, 2019
Printable version here.

The HCHR Campaign is a grassroots community-labor campaign with the goal of securing the fundamental right to health care for all individuals in Washington State & our nation.

Goals guiding our work for 2020

  • Make progress towards universal health care in WA State and our nation
  • Improve affordability of healthcare
  • Achieve racial equity and overcome disparities
  • Protect what we have now

Federal policy advocacy

  • National Single-payer – Improved Medicare for All ​(​HR 1384​, ​S. 1129)
  • Consider other proposals that lead towards universality
  • State-Based Universal Health Care Act ​(​HR 5010​)
  • Lower prescription costs for consumers
  • Defend existing programs ​(Medicaid, Medicare, ACA, reproductive rights, Community Health Centers funding . . .)

State policy advocacy

  • Universal, sustainable and affordable health care for all WA residents
  • Inclusion of the undocumented population
  • Strengthen Apple Health (WA Medicaid)​ including healthcare up to age 26 for undocumented population ​( ​SB 5814​, ​HB 1697​)​, increase post-pregnancy care to 1 year, expand adult access to dental services, and preserve Medicaid budget
  • Support Dental Therapists ​(​HB 1317​, ​SB 5392​) ​to increase access to dental care
  • Lower prescription drug costs for consumers
  • Support the Universal Health Care Work Group ​to develop substantial recommendations to the Legislature by 11/2020 on how to get to a universal system in WA
  • Monitor work to implement Cascade Care
  • Establish a State Office of Equity​ to promote access to opportunities and resources that reduce disparities, including racial and ethnic disparities, and improve outcomes statewide across all sectors of government (​HB 1783​, ​SB 5776​)
  • Protect Patient Care Act ​(​HB 1608​, ​SB 5542​) to prevent health entities from interfering with a qualified health practitioner’s ability to provide their patients with medically accurate & comprehensive information & resources and, in cases where there is a serious risk to a patient’s life or health, services.

Local policy advocacy

Support the development of a King County Regional Health Plan​ to close coverage and access gaps

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