Activists’ Toolkit

Use!  Copy!  Lift text!  Share!  These are our tools as a community, and you are welcome to share widely or use pieces.  The more people use and see these tools, the better!

We will win health care as a human right by talking with our friends, family, neighbors, and the broader community about how critical it is to fix our broken system.

We’re creating a toolkit that each of us can use to start the conversation and build support in our communities.  Is there something you need that you don’t see here?  Let us know!

ACA/Medicaid/Medicare fact sheets:

ACA vs AHCA, a visual representation for Washington state (ACA vs AHCA en Español)

The ACA and AHCA in Washington state, from the Governor’s office

Republican Health Care Repeal Bill – what’s at stake?

The impact of the Medicaid cut on seniors

Letter from Governor/OIC in opposition to ACA repeal and AHCA

Other Talking Points and Fact Sheets on “AHCA” Trumpcare

Our HCHR sign-on letter opposing ACA repeal

CD 3 – Rep. Herrera Butler

CD 4 – Rep. Newhouse

CD 5 – Rep. McMorris-Rogers

CD 8 – Rep. Reichert

Here are state-wide fact sheets from the Governor’s office:

The ACA: What’s at Stake

How Washington benefits from the ACA

Other materials:

House Republican Health Plan Shifts $370 Billion in Medicaid Costs to States

Our sign-on letter opposing ACA repeal

HCHR campaign leaflet

Principles – English – Spanish – Chinese – Russian – Vietnamese

HCHR endorser list

Petition form – please return completed petitions to our email.

Meeting sign-in sheet

Handout for potential sponsors

Fact Sheet


“We can fix it” video about single payer in WA from sponsoring organization PNHP-WW

“This won’t hurt a bit” video from sponsoring organization PNHP-WW

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