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Upcoming actions to stand up for kids’ coverage


Here are some resources for our upcoming critical campaign to protect coverage for kids:

Ask Cover All Kids Celebration – step up to protect CHIP health coverage for kids

August 9 2017 Health Coalition for Children and Youth Meeting Agenda


New August Recess toolkit!


HCHR WA state logoWe defeated the latest effort in the Senate to roll-back healthcare access, so what do we do next?  Push forward for Medicare for ALL!

Health Care Is a Human Right – WA put together a toolkit of talking points, stories, facts, and even a leaflet that you and your organization can use to advocate for our Congressional Representatives to sign on to HR 676, the Medicare for All bill.  You’re welcomed to copy, distribute, post, paste, or use in any way!

Here’s the toolkit.

Here’s a folder that has the component parts of the toolkit, if you just want one piece.

Single Payer Saves Money!


The New York Times explains how:


Tonight- Health Care forum with Rep Jayapal!


July 6, 5:30pm at Town Hall Seattle, Rep. Pramila Jayapal will hear from constituents about health care.  Now’s our chance to share our message- health care is a human right, and we need a system that has everybody in, nobody out!

More information: https://www.facebook.com/events/1768897790022377/


Shame on Cathy McMorris-Rodgers


It’s shameful that Rep. Cathy McMorris-Rodgers voted against the interests of the patients in our community and in favor of the so-called American Health Care Act, or AHCA.  The AHCA will strip more than 24 million Americans from access to affordable care, will make coverage of pre-existing conditions optional and up to the states, and will result in people dying due to lack of access to care.

That’s why we came together to place an ad in the newspaper shaming Rep. McMorris-Rodgers.  We won’t forget that she sold us out when it comes time to vote!

See our ad from the 5/9 Spokesman-Review here.

70 small businesses agree: oppose the AHCA


The Main Street Alliance of Washington, a coalition of small business owners, is speaking out against the GOP “American Health Care Act,” and has sent a letter with more than 70 signers on it to Rep. Reichert calling on him to oppose the bill.

The letter highlights the economic devastation that would result from repealing the Affordable Care Act and replacing it with the GOP’s windfall for the rich.

Read the letter here.

61 Organizations Tell WA Senators: Say NO to the G.O.P. Proposal


More than 600,000 Washingtonians would lose healthcare coverage under the G.O.P. health care proposal.  That’s why 61 faith, community, healthcare professional, and labor organizations came together to sign a letter to our Senators calling on them to say NO to the GOP plan to repeal the Affordable Care Act and replace it with a tax cut for the rich that will deny care to millions of Americans.

Read the letter.