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SCOTUS Holds Hearing on ACA Today


Our work together could not be more important. Today the Supreme Court of the United State is holding its first hearing in California v. Texas, the GOP’s lawsuit to overturn the Affordable Care Act. You can check out the Center for Popular Democracy’s action at the Supreme Court today and follow a livestream on People’s Action’s Facebook page so you can tune in, show some love, and amplify.

You can also watch the oral arguments hearing on C-SPAN.

Support Universal Health Care in WA? Deadline for Public Comment Nov. 11


We’re sharing this Action Alert from Health Care for All – Washington, one of HCHR-WA’s sponsoring organizations. Read on for an excellent summary and call to action for the Universal Health Care Work Group:

At meeting #8, the last meeting before the Work Group sees the draft report from the actuaries, the struggle between what is needed and how to get there was painfully apparent. Some threw up their hands saying it can’t be done, others had a non-universal preferred pathway even while noting that Medicare is the only truly transparent system that keeps costs lower. Representatives from the health insurance and small business communities seemed genuinely bewildered at the idea of a health care delivery system other than the current one.

Once again, public comments opened the meeting, from 12 of the 42 who had signed up. To a person, they strongly supported Option A: Universal healthcare covering all residents with the benefits package and delivery system rules set by the state and the state contracting directly with providers.

A few highlights:

  • Hearing coverage is an essential health benefit. The speaker noted that she has spent $50,000 on 16 different hearing aids during her lifetime, and that 1,000,000 Washingtonians suffer hearing loss (1 in 3 by age 65)
  • Unions now solidly support universal health care, and 100,000 Washingtonians have been laid off due to COVID-19, losing employer-sponsored health insurance along with their jobs, according to HCFA-WA member David Loud
  • The Work Group needs to remember why they are here: to study and make recommendations to the legislature on how to create, implement, maintain, and fund a universal health care system that may include publicly funded, publicly administered, and publicly and privately delivered health care that is sustainable and affordable to all Washington residents.

Now it’s your turn. Let the Work Group members know why you also support Option A.

Provide public comment in this survey, by Wednesday, November 11 

Watch the full meeting

Watch a breakout session

We can’t get to universal health care without you!

Note: If you see advertisements on our website, please know that HCHR-WA does not pay for, or endorse them.

Passing Universal Health Care Requires Votes. These Candidates Could Help Us Get There.


This election, not only are we making a choice at the top of the ticket, but we also have the opportunity to elect candidates who will advance universal health care for Washingtonians and the nation. In 2018, Washington voters made tremendous strides in electing candidates who make fighting for health care a top priority. Let’s expand on these gains in 2020.

The HCHR 2020 Elections Subcommittee has sifted through the state and federal races and selected a few key races of most importance to healthcare based on these criteria:

  1. Does the candidate support health care as a right and state or federal legislation to move us towards universal and affordable health care?
  2. If both candidates profess to support universal health care, which one endorses the more progressive legislation (eg, Medicare for All rather than Public Option)?
  3. Is the race one whose outcome could advance the cause?
  4. Is the candidate in a tough race in which our support could make a difference? 

Based on these criteria, we think the following candidates are high-priority for health care advocates and Washingtonians. HCHR does not endorse candidates but encourages active support for these races.

CD 3: Carolyn Long
CD 8:    Kim Schrier
CD 10:  Beth Doglio
LD 5, Senate:   Ingrid Anderson
LD 7, Rep. 1:  Georgia Davenport
LD 28, Senate: T’wina Nobles
LD 37, Rep. 2:  Kirsten Harris-Talley
LD 44, Rep.2:   April Berg

We encourage everyone to get involved in this election and we offer the following 2020 Election Opportunities — Forums, Texting, and Phone banks. Channel your Election  Angst into supporting candidates who will support the cause.

Pictured – Beth Doglio (CD 10, photo: Washington Wire), Carolyn Long (CD3) and Congress member Kim Schrier (CD 8).

Circling beginning in the upper left – Ingrid Anderson (LD 5), Georgia Davenport (LD 7), April Berg (LD 44), Kirsten Harris-Talley (LD 37), T’wina Nobles (LD 28):