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Take Action: Rein in Health Mergers & Acquisitions


The short 2022 Legislative session began last Monday and we’re ready to advocate for our 2022 Policy Platform. Hearings and public testimony on bills in committee are currently virtual.

State | Keep our Care Act – Sign in Pro for Hearing (SB 5688)

Mergers and acquisitions between hospitals, hospital systems, and provider organizations drive up the cost of patient care, and negatively impact quality and access to necessary health care services. Health care consolidations receive minimal oversight, allowing large health care systems to dictate patients’ access to care, including reproductive, end-of-life, and gender-affirming care.

This KOCA bill would give the Attorney General needed oversight over consolidations, establish a health equity assessment to ensure consolidations address the needs of marginalized communities; include community input in the review process. Read more about SB 5688 from ACLU-WA’s KOCA resource page.

▶︎ Sign in PRO on SB 5688 for the hearing scheduled for Tuesday, Jan 18th before the Senate Law and Justice Committee. Choose “I would like my position noted for the legislative record.”

Thank you to the HCHR-WA members who have educated Washingtonians about the need for oversight and regulation of these mega health mergers and acquisitions. Now we just need to press the Legislature to pass this bill.

State | Update on Balanced Billing Bill — HB 1688

By the time you get this, HCHR will have signed in PRO on the Balanced Billing BIll, Rep. Cody’s and the Office of the Insurance Commissioner’s bill, to protect consumers from surprise medical bills by aligning state and federal the federal No Surprises Act and addressing coverage of treatment for emergency conditions. (HB 1688, background here). We will be sure to keep you posted on this HCHR priority bill.

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