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Senator Emily Randall is joining us for our General Meeting. You should too!


Click here to register for our General Meeting and to find out about important film screenings and upcoming events!

Medicare For All Reintroduced and Register for May 31st General Meeting!


Check out our latest Action Alert with more on the reintroduction of Medicare for All and to Register for our May 31st General Meeting!

Our 2023 HCHR Policy Agenda, Budget, and Membership Dues Adopted at Our Well Attended General Meeting


On December 14th, 40 of our 42 voting coalition members attended our general meeting and voted overwhelmingly to adopt our 2023 federal and state policy agenda. The vote was unanimous in favor of our WA-state agenda and 36 in favor of our federal agenda with 4 abstentions. 

The sponsoring members also adopted our 2023 budget and a new membership dues policy.

This unity reflects the outstanding work of our Policy and Budget Committees and the commitment to building our coalition and our movement.  Watch the recording of our December 14 General Meeting.

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