📲 3 Quick Calls Keep Wall Street out of Medicare & Halt ACO REACH!

NYT Breaking News: Medicare Advantage Plans to tens of thousands

The fight to fend off ACO REACH and stop Medicare Advantage fraud are two 🔥 HOT issues 🔥 right now. 

For the ACO REACH issue, please take 5 minutes to contact President Biden and Senators Murray and Cantwell to urge them to halt ACO REACH. Here’s a 1-page backgrounder

Your message:

“President Biden/Senator Murray/Senator Cantwell: This is (name) from (location).Please protect our Medicare. Keep Wall Street out of our Medicare and halt ACO REACH!

1. Submit a comment to President Biden on The White House website.

2 & 3. Call the Congressional Hotline: (202) 224-3121. Make two calls to your U.S. Senators Murray and Cantwell.


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Protect Traditional Medicare from Privatization: Demand that the Biden Administration Drop ACO REACH!


For decades Wall Street has tried and failed to privatize our Social Security system. Now they are trying to privatize traditional Medicare on top of the already existing Medicare Advantage plans. The financial rewards for achieving this goal will be enormous, at patients’ and taxpayers’ expense. The Biden administration followed the Trump lead by continuing the Direct Contracting Pilot program until the end of 2022 and then rebranding the program ACO REACH. We’re not fooled — it is the privatization of traditional Medicare with a new name. Here’s a short article and a 1-page summary of the ACO REACH issue for more information.

Many of our HCHR member organizations have already signed on to two letters that will be sent by the end of April – 1) to President Biden and HHS Secretary Becerra, and 2) to the WA Congressional delegation – demanding that the Biden Administration halt its plans to launch ACO-REACH. If your organization would like to sign-on to these letters or to know more, contact PSARA Executive Director Mike Andrew at organizer@psara.org.

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Join Single-Payer Activists in Two Upcoming Conferences


 We want to make sure you know about two important national events in the health justice movement

  • This weekend’s One Payer States Conference “The Path to Universal Health Care . . . Through the States” 
  • The April 2-3 Medicare for All National Strategy Conference

Both conferences feature sessions with members of our HCHR coalition.

One Payer States Free Virtual Conference this Weekend!

Established in 2009, One Payer States (OPS) is a national organization of advocates working to achieve universal health care state by state on the way to Medicare for All.

Here is the conference programPlease register for each day you want to attend below. We’ve noted the sessions featuring leaders of organizations in our HCHR coalition.

Register for Friday, Mar 4 beginning at 12:00 PM Pacific 

Register for Saturday, Mar 5 beginning at 10:00 AM Pacific 
•10-11 am Panel of States – Marcia Stedman of HCHR-WA discusses efforts to achieve universal health care in Washington state.

Register for Sunday, Mar 6  beginning at 10:00 AM Pacific 
• 10-11 am PT- Bevin McLeod, Alliance for a Healthy Washington, on the possibility of multi-state coordination and regional universal health plans.
• 5:00-5:20 pm PT- The Health of the Indian Health Service with Vicki Lowe, Executive Director, American Indian Health Commission of Washington State and Chair of the Washington State Universal Health Care Commission.

MEDICARE FOR ALL Strategy Conference — EARLY BIRD Registration Extended to March 11

On April 2-3, our allies at the Labor Campaign for Single Payer and Healthcare-NOW! are holding their annual conference virtually. 

The Medicare for All Strategy Conference is your chance to hear about the future of our movement from leaders like Congresswoman Pramila Jayapal, experts like the esteemed Dr. Abdul El-Sayed, and folks on the ground around the country keeping up the fight for Medicare for All!

You’ll be able to participate in workshops on everything from how to talk to folks in your community about healthcare, to saving Medicare and the VA from privatization, to winning a Medicare for All resolution in your city or town or Medicare for All legislation at the state and federal levels. 

$35 early bird registration has been extended to March 11. You’ll want to jump on that! Learn more about the conference and register here.

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