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2021 Action Alerts

Oct 2, 2021 – March this Saturday Across the State to Defend Reproductive Rights, Reject Texas’ Dangerous Anti-Choice Law. Find an event here.

Sept 28, 2021:

Sept 16, 2021:

Congressional Action:  Call Pelosi, Pallone & Neal This Week

These are the 3 leaders in the House with the greatest ability to advance healthcare gains in the Reconciliation package. They need to hear from you!

If you are reading this on your phone, you can click on the phone numbers below.  For an iPhone, click and hold:

Speaker Nancy Pelosi202-225-4965
Chair of Energy & Commerce Frank Pallone202-225-4671
Chair of Ways & Means Richard Neal202-225-5601

September 2021:

1. National Call in Week for Expanded Medicare
2. Call MoCs to support State Based Universal Health Care

6-17-2021 : Health Care Teach-in Video and Actions You Can Take Now

4-2-2021 : Advancing Health Equity in Olympia and the fight for Medicare for All!

3-15-2021 : Momentum for statewide Universal Healthcare and Medicare for All!

3-13-2021 : Needed Action for Progressive Revenue

3-10-2021 : Stay Strong for New Moms and for Behavioral Health!

2-25-201 : Advancing Universal Healthcare and Progressive Revenue

2-18-2021 : Action Alert! Make Healthcare More Affordable!

2-13-2021 : Let’s make our voices heard for New Moms and for Behavioral Health!

2-10-2021 : Time to Fix Our Upside Down Tax Code

2-6-2021 : Let’s Raise Our Voices for Universal Health Care

2-2-2021 : Tell Legislators to Advance Universal Healthcare and Progressive Revenue

1-27-2021 : Tell Legislators to Prioritize Behavioral Health, Access to Dental Care, and Affordable Rx

1-20-2021 : Contact your legislators TODAY for Fair Taxes, Better Dental Care, Help for New Moms!

Archived Action Alerts 2019-2020

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